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Even though this site is mainly branded as a fitness business, my main business is in the IT business based around ABAP development on the SAP Platform

I’m basically on a journey from my Commodore 64 to the future, currently enhancing SAP ERP implementation with premium custom development and UI/UX design.

With a desire to help and relieve people, combined with knowledge, interest and experience within IT, programming and SAP ERP, jolt DX can contribute to increase the digital experience in companies.

Having the humans, the technology and the unique business and processes of the company in equal focus for the development, strengthening and driving of corporate digitization and already existing digital processes, value is achieved through adaptive development, custom development, performance optimization, UX design and apps on and in connection to SAP ERP systems.

I am at your service!

Remember, ABAP is short for

Allgemeiner Berichts-Aufbereitungs-Prozessor

Advanced Business Application Programming

Awesome BadAss Programming

Premium ABAP Development

Just as important as being logically correct, ABAP development must also be done in a maintainable, scalable, structured and modern way. By following the development of the ABAP language itself and always trying to adhere to real best practices, also code written in ABAP can be modern.

And if also taking into account your companies processes, human users and IT landscape, the development will be premium


Performance Optimization

Custom code in SAP ERP systems can very often be rewritten to have significantly increased performance. There are strategies and methodologies that unfortunately often are overlooked or ignored, but can have a great effect when adhered to.

Did you switch database to HANA but expected more from your custom code? With HANA comes more possibilities and also a set of new tools to utilize in the programming for even greater results.

Fiori/Neptune Apps

A modern user interface for the SAP ERP systems is a reality with SAPUI5 and Fiori design.

If you’re not yet using standard Fiori and/or curious to see what the look and feel of your unique process would be like as a modern Fiori application? Let me make a mockup of it for you, no charge, as part of my portfolio.

I work a lot with the Neptune DX Platform for rapid app development on SAP ERP systems


Developers in need of coaching to get up to speed on modern ABAP, or junior developers that feel the need for a helping hand from time to time, jolt DX will help you.

Everything from single coaching/question sessions to strategic individually designed 1-on-1 programs is possible in the fields if ABAP and/or Fiori design using Neptune DX Platform

Development Advice

In my opinion, customizations and custom developments in an SAP ERP system ages best when structured and organized.

If your company is abut to start a bigger custom development project, an upgrade or oversight of you system landscape and want some advice, jolt DX can help with structure, tools, designs and architecture in these areas.

Last Line Support / Batman

Did you accidentally get part of a system upgrade into production?

Did long running parallel developments get mixed up in each others transports?

With a technical/developer SAP profile, jolt DX might help you troubleshoot those and other tricky situations with a new pair of eyes.

I never want to relinquish an opportunity to be Batman!